Nicola Ratti

Dans le pays d’hiver By Silvia Costa has been premiered at MC93 on Nov. 9th,  for the Festival d’Automne a Paris. I did the music and sound direction for it. The show will be touring europe for the next year, keep an eye on it!

listen to the recordings of my solo live @Superbudda, powered by Radio Raheem

sharing this very special event at Standards. My first time as performer here since we opened. Then it moved, a fraction

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The Collection

Listen to my new album The Collection on The Wire

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The Collection

my new solo album The Collection out on Oct. 6th on Room40. The video is made by Discipula Editions as the first step of a forthcoming and prolific collaboration.


cover art by c:pala


two new Bellows records out this week. Sander out on Latency Rec. & Strand out on Shelter Press



talking with Robert Barry in The Wire#391 about Milano and fellows

what’s next? italian festivals >

a mesmerizing video from Patrick Cain for another Pressure Loss track – w6

“The visuals are a reworking of footage shot during the production of Emma Charles’ artist film ‘Fragments on Machines’. Playing on the syncopated machine-like rhythms found in Nicola Ratti’s W11, the video draws on the patterns, repetition and electronic nodes and connectors that make up the modern city. ” -Emma Charles