Nicola Ratti

a mesmerizing video from Patrick Cain for another Pressure Loss track – w6

“The visuals are a reworking of footage shot during the production of Emma Charles’ artist film ‘Fragments on Machines’. Playing on the syncopated machine-like rhythms found in Nicola Ratti’s W11, the video draws on the patterns, repetition and electronic nodes and connectors that make up the modern city. ” -Emma Charles


Simon Chioini Video for W10 (Pressure Loss)

nts skyapnea

Nicola Ratti – Pressure Loss




Pressure Loss  –  lp/digital  –  WhereToNow? – 26 Feb. 2016
Where To Now?

Wounded Boys

Wounded Boys . Cassette out on Where To Now? the Lp will follow shortly on Jan. 2016

Standards – Milano

I’m curating a series of events concerning sound and music in this new private gallery in Milano. Named Standards by its chief Alberto Boccardi.
Check Standards website

Rustl – Bellows

Hola, the new Bellows’ record named Rustl is out on Boomkat Editions

#slow #notfun

here we got some video of this year gigs. #slow #deep #notfun #nohype

Winter Collection @ Présences Electronique 2014, Paris

Summer collection @ Flussi Festival 2014, Avellino