Nicola Ratti

Standards – Milano

I’m curating a series of events concerning sound and music in this new private gallery in Milano. Named Standards by its chief Alberto Boccardi.
Check Standards website

Rustl – Bellows

Hola, the new Bellows’ record named Rustl is out on Boomkat Editions

#slow #notfun

here we got some video of this year gigs. #slow #deep #notfun #nohype

Winter Collection @ Présences Electronique 2014, Paris

Summer collection @ Flussi Festival 2014, Avellino

2014 –> 2015

I’ve been touring around a lot this year, had the chance of  playing in unique places, venues and festivals and it was good.
And I’ve been recording too, now it’s time to get back in my studio and start to edit. See you around next year. Happy 2015.

Auna Festival. Milanese edition

Happy to announce the milanese edition of Auna. An unique festival/not festival.

Ossario’s Press Promotion

Here’s the press release for my new double album:
Ossario Vol. 1-2 Press Release


Ossario Vol.I – II

Hi everybody, my new album Ossario Vol I – II is now available!


Hello, my new solo album it’s called Ossario and it will be released by Holidays Records. It will be released in two separate volumes (12″lp 45rpm) and digital (available in the main digital stores from Feb. 10th).  Available from February 10th.

Ossario Vol. 1-2 excerpts :

If you want to book my solo live set contact me or Basemental Booking Agency


Présences électronique 2014

I will be one of the artists performing in this beautiful festival, edition 2014, March 28.


I’m very happy to announce this beautiful and relevant festival. Check the facebook event for the billboard and the infos. See you there.