Nicola Ratti

I’m working on new material, new set, new live concerts. I’m working covertly but check the live page for the last solo dates’ update. See you there

Watch the video and listen to the live recording of FaravelliRatti set at Trifola Cafè, Milano, 19|11|12
Video by Gianmarco Del Re for


Tomorrow I will pray for you all


I’ll perform live my solo set and in good company on these three shows. Change of venue for the 25th!!! Moog Bar, Ravenna


Playing live with Ronin tomorrow at Masseria Malcovich, Verona, Italy


Upcoming sound installation and performance during this beautiful event with Michel Butor and Isabella Bordoni.
Video, sonorizzazione, letture da L’impiego del tempo, Anthologie nomade,
Le génie du lieu.

Michel Butor, Isabella Bordoni, Nicola Ratti.
Sale Antiche della Biblioteca Gambalunga – via Gambalunga, 27, Rimini


Ciao, this is my new website. Visit the pages above and keep in touch for the news, upcoming events and forthcoming releases.